Guilt-free Integrity

Nobody should ever feel bad about acting from a position of integrity.

Nor should we attempt shaming others for acting from a position of integrity either.

In a world where integrity appears to be fading, we should be celebrating the crap out of people choosing such a life—whether we agree with their choices or not!

If you take time to carefully ponder how you truly, honestly feel about something deep in your core (whether you believe those feelings come from your own conscience, a higher power, or somewhere else), and then muster up the courage to make decisions in a way that aligns with how you feel, then you are operating in integrity.

If you make decisions or live life without first asking yourself how you feel about it, you’re not living in integrity.

If you ask yourself how you feel and identify clearly what those feelings are, and then you choose to live life contrary to what you felt, then you’re not living in integrity.

But if you ask, pay attention, listen, identify how you truly feel about something, and then choose to live in harmony with those feelings, you’re good!

Often when we ponder such things, we can feel a sense of clarity in our gut/heart/core/soul that simply doesn’t make sense logically. When that happens, it can be very difficult to maintain living in integrity.

I remember experiencing this once many years ago working a job that was very challenging for me and my family. As our sole income earner, I logically understood it was wisest to simply continue enduring the challenge, seek new employment, and wait until after landing a new job to quit my job. Makes sense, right? I was perfectly willing to do just that. But after carefully pondering the situation, I clearly felt in my core that the next day I should quit my job instead.

I resisted intensely! I resolutely attempted pushing such an irresponsible thought/feeling from my mind. It didn’t make any sense.

But bravery and integrity won and I quit my job the next day.

I felt peace. We didn’t really have any financial reserves, but I didn’t stress about our situation. I knew I’d made the right decision. And sure enough, less than a week later I received an offer to work for a company I grew to really love and worked there for many years.

Have faith in the depth of your soul. That part of you is way better at knowing what you really need than your wimpy little logical brain.