How to Get Your Happiness Back During an Election Year

Are you voting today?


Do you have a face-to-face meeting scheduled with someone you genuinely believe you can influence enough to change their mind regarding who they intend to vote for?


Then I’d invite you to stop outsourcing your mood to politics for the day.

Choose happiness!

Here are 3 things to try:

1. Gratitude

On a piece of paper, in a note app on your phone, or in an email to yourself, list 5 things you’re ridiculously grateful for. 5 things that bring the most pure joy into your life. Spend some time pondering those things. Think back to when they came into your life or when you first became distinctly aware of them. Be still and dwell on them awhile.

2. Kindness

Think of something you could do for someone that would make them smile. Not just grin. But really smile. Maybe you could stop by someone’s work and give them some of their favorite chocolate. Just tell them you were thinking about them and that you care about them. Maybe you can try and see if you can greet your kids when they get home from school with more enthusiasm and gusto than your dog. Make it a competition! Or maybe you could call your Mom and tell her you love her. There are hundreds of options.

3. Walk

Stand up right now and walk outside. You only have to take two steps out the door, stretch, take a couple deep breaths, and then go back inside. But if that feels good, feel free to walk to the end of the block. And if it still feels good, keep going. Go around the block if you want. Go around lots and lots of blocks if you’d like! But move. Go outside, breathe some fresh air, and move.

Stop relinquishing your mood rights to people and pixels who don’t care about you. Your moods are yours. So take control of them again.

You’ll be breathing deeper, smiling bigger, and feeling happier. I promise! ????

Now go.