Projects Rule – Paths Drool

Are you on the right path? Are you doing what you’re meant to do?

I used to fret about these questions tirelessly. But what if it wasn’t even about following your passion or trying to find that one, right path?

We all have loads of opportunities (i.e. – choices) in our lives. But it’s how we frame those opportunities that makes the difference. When evaluating opportunities through the Passion/Path lens, we tend to freeze up. “Is this what I’m meant to do?” “Am I passionate enough about this to really make it work?” “It sounds great, but what if once I get into it, I realize it’s not everything I hoped it would be? I don’t want to waste all that time on the wrong thing.”

Weighing life’s options on the scales of passion is so overwhelming we almost always choose nothing at all.

Think Projects

Don’t shackle your progress with trying to figure out what you’re supposed to be when you grow. You’ll simply be you when you grow up. And projects are the stepping stones that will get you there. If you take a single step that doesn’t go quite the way you hoped, just skip quickly to the next one. You won’t be eternally derailed. You’ll always be learning. You’ll always be moving–forward!

It’s much better to be moving forward project-by-project than it is to be endlessly stationary waiting for that one perfect, great, soul-fulfilling, amazing, imaginary thing.

What project can you start today that will serve as a meaningful bridge to your future tomorrow?

Note: Thanks to Cal Newport’s Book “So Good They Can’t Ignore You” for shaping much of my thinking on this.


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  3. Keith, This is fantastic. Thank you for sharing your insights! These words are just what I needed to read today.

    • Thanks Megan! My absolute pleasure. Hope you’re doing ridiculously well and prepped for a killer 2014!

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