The Impact Equation [Book Review Video]


I’ve been wanting to post a review of this book for some time now. First I wanted to get my website up. Then I wanted to get my website perfect. Ha! I didn’t even have a decent ‘Contact Me’ page or any way for readers to subscribe to my blog when I posted this.

But this book has made too much of an impact on the way I think and work to fret over the details any longer. The authors deserve to hear what I think.

I hope you find some value in it as well.

Learn More About The Book Here

  • Raul Colon

    Great job on creating this unique video that refreshed my mind into what I learned reading the impact equation!

    • Keith Nerdin

      Thanks so much Raul! I appreciated you comments in other places around the web, but must admit, this very well may be my favorite. My first comment on my blog. Thanks for that!

      • Raul Colon

        Wao awesome Keith! As a blogger myself I know the value in getting a comment on a blog.

        I feel honored to have shared my first comment on what will be an already is awesome blog!

        • Keith Nerdin

          Thanks man!

  • jaap den dulk

    stunning. #vizthink maestro!

    • Keith Nerdin

      Thanks Jaap!

  • sass

    Excellent visualization of an excellent review! Thanks for taking the time to create it! Prezi?

    • Keith Nerdin

      It was my pleasure to do. Although…I don’t think I’ll ever do a review like that on a book I don’t like. Only those who crank out awesome content get reviews like this. And yes, a lot of the visualization was done with Prezi. Hacked it together with Prezi, QuickTime, Garage Band, and iMovie. Thanks for taking the time to comment!

  • Steve Garfield

    This is such a great and unique review. I’ve blogged about it over here:

    [Video Book Review by Keith Nerdin] The Impact Equation by Chris Brogan and Julien Smith

    With great content like this you are well on your way to 100 subscribers.

    • Keith Nerdin

      That’s so cool you blogged about it! I genuinely appreciate your comments and feedback on this. Especially from a guy like you with your background and expertise.

  • Camila Prada

    I say it’s gonna take you less than 8 years. You’re awesome + funky jingle at the end… Love it!

    • Keith Nerdin

      Well I certainly wouldn’t complain if it took less than 8 years! I’m glad you enjoyed it and thanks for the kind words.

  • Rob Still

    Hey Keith this is a great video and review. I suggest you add your blog’s url in the Youtube description, then folks can click right here to find you. Best of luck to ya

    • Keith Nerdin

      Good idea Rob. Thanks for the tip.

  • Albert Hathazi

    Hi there Keith. I loved the video review. You used Prezi to it’s max. Great pace and really enjoyable. Looking forward to more from you.

    • Keith Nerdin

      Thanks Albert. I started the blog, then decided on putting it on hold until I graduate from college in Spring of ’13, but recently made a deal with myself that will allow me to dabble with it a bit sooner rather than later. Thanks for taking time to leave a comment!

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