What I Do (and Why it’s So Darn Mysterious)

My wife hates it when people ask her what I do.

Close friends and family ask me the question repeatedly.

I don’t have a job. I don’t have a title. What I do is so dog-gone mysterious that my company is named Hobo Ventures LLC (doesn’t really help, does it?).

So…what DO I do?

I help a small handful of clients go from “that would be so cool if…” to “Holy Crap…we did it!”

My clients are owners of small, established, growing, healthy businesses. They don’t need me to survive. They’re doing just fine–great even!

I have the luxury of being able to choose who I work with.

  • I ONLY work with my ideal clients–people who allow me to do my best work. (Thanks Michael Port for this idea.)
  • I ONLY work with people who I’ve become great friends with first.
  • I ONLY work with people who have businesses that are engaged in meaningful work.
  • I ONLY work with people who don’t “need” my services. They’ll be fine without me. But together…we make really cool stuff happen!

This graphic sums it up nicely I think. I focus on the gap between the success they’ll achieve on their own without me, and the steeper line that represents their, “it would be so cool if…”

And that’s where the specifics of what I do end. I work on whatever needs doing to fill that gap. That’s what they hire me for.

  • Perhaps what’s needed most to fill that gap is defining a new sales process and implementing the technology around it.
  • Maybe what’s needed most is a complete overhaul of their brand.
  • Maybe what’s needed most is developing a strategy aimed at revitalizing their internal culture so that their employees understand how truly empowered and trusted they are by their employer.
  • Maybe what’s needed most is an intelligent redesign of their website that actually converts site visitors into prospects (aka: new friends).
  • Maybe what’s needed most is an overhaul of their presentation deck.
  • Maybe what’s needed most is for them to have someone to listen to and serve as a sounding board until they come up with new exciting solutions all on their own.

I help with all of that. I do whatever it takes to fill the gap.

But why is it so darn mysterious?

The real reason? I kind of don’t want people to know. I have all the clients I want right now. I’m enjoying my life and the lifestyle I’m so incredibly fortunate to be blessed with.

I’m happy. And to me, success = happiness.

I don’t need more money or clients to be more happy.

There’s nothing more important than my family’s happiness and friendships I hold dear. That will always come first.

In fact, I even draft templates for my clients that they can use to terminate their contracts with me at anytime so they don’t have to fret about how they’re going to “break the news to me.” I try to do my absolute best to enter each new partnership with a crystal clear understanding between us that working together will always play a far, far second to our friendship. I’d give up the money in a heartbeat if it meant preserving our friendship.

So I give them an out. From the very beginning we agree that it’s just a project. If cool stuff happens, great! If it doesn’t quite work out the way we hoped, no big deal. We’ll chalk it up as a success (we’ll certainly at least learn stuff, right?) and move on. We’ll go get some hot chocolate sometime and keep our friendship securely in tact.

I love what I do. I get to work with great friends who do great things.

I’d be an ungrateful sap to feel I was entitled to more happiness (success) than the abundance I’ve already been given.

But at least now, hopefully you understand a little better what it is that I do.


  1. Keith, found you via the secret team and saw you were in Walla Walla (I’m in Moses Lake WA). then clicked on… yada yada, ended up here at this post about what it is that you do.

    I love your outlook and mentality and although this is the only post I have read, it’s clear you have a unique perspective. Especially your elevator pitch of “GO FROM “THAT WOULD BE SO COOL IF…” TO “HOLY CRAP…WE DID IT!”.

    Good stuff! I would love to help. Did I see you were starting a podcast?

    • Hi Scott!

      Thanks so much for clicking through to my site here. Always great to meet people from the Secret Team who live just around the corner!

      I appreciate your kind words and it looks like you’ve got some great stuff going on over there on your site as well. And yes, I recorded and released a pilot episode of a somewhat unique storytelling-style podcast a bit ago and am making progress on the next several episodes as well. I’m hoping to officially launch it at the first of the year.

      If you’re ever in the Tri-Cities or Walla Walla area, shoot me a note. I’d love to buy you a cup of hot chocolate. :-)

  2. I love that you’ve chosen to “live” in the “negative space” between the objects in the foreground (i.e. “What Is” and “What’s Possible”)

    Very interesting things happen in that space but are often overlooked.

    • I hadn’t thought of it that way Jill. I appreciate your observation. But you’re right. It IS a very interesting space that’s full of fun stuff once you go digging. :-)

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